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Yesterdaysbigtechstory(bey|信誉最好最大的网投 本文摘要:Yesterdaysbigtechstory(beyondApplesiOS7release)wasactuallyabiotechstory,butonlybecauseGoogle(GOOG)wasinvolved

Yesterdays big tech story (beyond Apples iOS7 release) was actually a biotech story, but only because Google (GOOG) was involved. The search giant announced that it has launched Calico, a new company that will focus on health and well-being, in particular the challenge of aging and associated diseases.昨天的重磅科技新闻【甚至多达了苹果(Apple)公布iOS7系统】实质上是一则生物技术新闻,只不过因为它牵涉到了谷歌(Google)。这则消息是,谷歌这家搜寻巨头宣告正式成立Calico,一家“注目身体健康和快乐,特别是在向人类凋亡和疾病有关的研发领域明确提出挑战的全新公司”。Or, as Time magazine put it: Google vs. Death.或者,就如《时代》(Time )周刊所言:谷歌对付丧生。Calicos CEO is ex-Genentech CEO Art Levinson, who will remain chairman of Genentech (plus a director of parent company Hoffmann-La Roche) and chairman of Apple (AAPL) . You may recall that Levinson also used to be on the Google board, before being leaving due to perceived conflicts of interest with his Apple role.Calico首席执行官阿特莱文森曾兼任Genentech的首席执行官,他也将留给之后兼任Genentech和苹果两家公司的主席(和Genentech母公司Hoffmann-La Roche的主管)。

大家或许还能回想,莱文森之前曾是谷歌董事会的成员,之后意识到这与他在苹果所扮演着的角色再次发生了利益冲突,于是请辞。Beyond the above information, neither Google nor Levinsohn is actually saying anything about Calico. And there arent even additional details in the Time story. So here are a few tiny nuggets to begin moving things along:除了上面这些信息之外,谷歌和莱文森并没任何其他有关Calico的内容。

甚至在《时代》的文章中也没更好的细节。不过下面这些线索也许可以协助大家拨开迷雾。1. This is an independent company, not a subsidiary or affiliate of Google.1. 这是一家独立国家公司,不是谷歌的子公司,也不是它的分支机构。

2. Google corporate is making the initial investment, not Google Ventures (even though Google Ventures partner Bill Maris Maris was instrumental in the original brainstorming). There are not yet any SEC filings, but expect that the initial investment is in the tens of millions of dollars.2. 为这家公司展开初期投资的是谷歌而不是谷歌风投(Google Ventures)(尽管谷歌风投的合伙人比尔马里斯为构想这个概念的雏形立功了汗马功劳)。目前尚能没任何美国证券交易委员会(SEC)的文档,不过预计初期投资的费用以千万美元计。

3. Venture capital firm Kleiner Perkins is not an investor in Calico, despite being the first money into both Google and Genentech.3. 尽管风投公司凯鹏华盈(Kleiner Perkins)曾多次对谷歌和Genetech展开了初期投资,但这次却没参予投资Calico。4. Ive also reached out to several other top life sciences VCs, none of whom had heard about Calico before yesterdays announcement. Same goes for some healthcare industry headhunters. In other words, this has legitimately taken folks by surprise.4. 我也认识了其他几家顶级的生命科学风投公司,没一家在昨天的声明之前听闻过Calico。医疗业的猎头公司也一样。换句话说,他们仍然在掩饰消息,憋着股劲要让人大吃一惊呢。

5. I also contacted a handful of pharma folks, each of whom offered what they admitted to be uninformed speculation. Here was the response I found most interesting (again – smart pharma guy who doesnt know Calico):5. 我还联系了一些制药行业的从业人员,他们都讲了自己的猜测。下面是我找到的最有意思的的问(当然,这个聪慧的制药公司员工也没听说过Calico)。


Id say that Arts background in biotech and gene-driven cancer therapies would mean hed be likely focusing on identifying the molecular aspects/drivers/signals of cellular aging and looking at interventional therapies targeting those targets. If true, this would be similar to how the oncology field was in the 1980s (wide open, no strategy, no leader, shunned by real scientists and most investors).“我要说,阿特在生物技术和基因癌症化疗上的背景意味著他可能会专心于研究确认细胞在分子层面/驱动/信号上的老化,谋求针对这些方面的插手疗法。如果知道是这样,与20世纪80年代肿瘤学领域类似于的情形(几乎对外开放、不谈策略、没领袖,“确实”的科学家和大多数投资者都绕着回头)将不会再现。

”6. Calico is apparently shorthand for California Life Company, but so far there are no publicly-available incorporation documents in either California or Delaware.6. “Calico”似乎是加利福尼亚生命公司(California Life Company)的全称,不过迄今为止在加利福尼亚州和特拉华州都还没早已发布的公司文件。